Feeling Spacey

Simply because rocket ships with flaming tails and quietly curious kids towering over the surface of the earth are awesome.


Here are the first few drawings in what I hope to be a long running series. Something about the image of someone on a rooftop has always resonated with me. It evokes the feeling of being able to overlook the world but from an isolated perspective. And the coolest people hang out on roofs; like ninjas, superheros and old-timey dancing chimney sweeps...

New Mexico Sky 

Tentative Samurai 

Drifting Away

Okay okay, I know I just said in the previous post that I am embracing the inevitable robot apocalypse ... but I'm still going to give a good fight for humanity (with my boyfriend by my side of course)

Robot Apocalypse

If you know me well you know that I have a slight obsession with robots. I'm anxiously awaiting the robot revolution

Forest Girl

Growing up in the woods of the Northeast a girl tends to bond a lot with foresty settings. One of those places that can be scary and magical all at once. 

Airplane Angst

It seems like lately I draw the most when I travel. All that time on the airplane with not much else to do is the perfect storm for doodling. Her eyebrows make me happy...

Yellow Flower


This butterfly is blowing his freaking mind.

Okay, I know zombies are the coolest thing since sliced bread right now. You know, really cool sliced bread that wears sunglasses at night. But Shaun of the Dead is just made of fad-resistant awesomeness, so there.


 "Disney movies gave me unrealistic expectations for my hair" - the internets 

Sometimes all you can do is keep your feet on the ground while someone else is leaping off the face of the earth